Your CV must look professional so it should be printed on good quality white paper using only one typeface, upper and lower case letters and consistent headings and margins. To download a CV template please CLICK HERE.

Ideally your CV should be 2 pages long so keep it factual and to the point.

Tailor your CV to each application matching your skills and experience to the employer’s needs. Attach a covering letter with each application explaining which vacancy you are applying for and briefly why you should be considered.

Describe every aspect of your experience as positively as you can whilst ensuring your CV is an honest account of your career history.

Avoid leaving gaps in your career history by describing your activities during periods of unemployment e.g. travelling, looking after children or retraining.

List your career history with the most recent position first and work backwards. Describe your achievements as well as your responsibilities.

Do not include photographs, salary details, coloured paper or fancy bindings.

List only genuine hobbies/interests which you can talk about in a knowledgeable and enthusiastic way.


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    Please use the link in the above page to download a CV Template, if you requie any further help please do not hesitate to contact us on 01582 454520

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